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Inventory Management

Inventory Management is useful for maintainig the stock / inventory of items for traders, distributors, dealers and other sectors. It keeps track of all the transactions and gives segregate reports for each transactions and maintains the flow to inventory. It covers the modules of Purchase, Sales, Accounting and Inventory with numerous types of reports and tools to help track the product stock. Applicable to all type of orgranization, this software is proved to be very useful solution for inventory management.
Barcode Inventory

Barcode Inventory helps to maintain the stock of items with barcode printing and scanning. Barcode system improves the efficiency of stock management with high accuracy. It covers modules like Purchase, Sales, Accounts and Inventory. This is the most useful software for maintaining stock of vast variety of items. For error-less stock management, this is the best solution for any size/type of industry or establishment.
Jobwork Management

Jobwork Management is multi-godown inventory system for all types of manufacturer and establishment. It tracks the flow of products between supplier, godown, jobworker and customer. There are various ways of product transfer, which makes flexible entry and reporting of data. Purchase order and sales order are additional modules that are covered in the software. This high-end software system helps in tracking various stock information with the transaction history.
Sample Management

Sample Management software is used for sending/exporting sample items to customer and make the invoice. This software also helps to send the invoice by email. Post shipment of invoice is also covered in the software. This is ideal solution for exporting sample items and generating invoice.
Inventory Solutions
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