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Deckle Planner

Deckle Planner is the software of tedious calculation for adjusting deckle size in paper cutting machines in the paper industries. This software not only calculates the deckle position, but also takes care of paper wastage. It gives the most optimum calculations for all sizes of deckles and drastically reduces the wastage of paper and at the same time gives maximum output and aranging the completion of different orders priority wise.

Advantages of Deckle Planner:
* Computerised deckle matching leads to faster planning
* Remove human errors and limitations
* Less trim wastage saves production cost
* Easy decision making with various available combinations
* Lesser steps saves time and energy with high production
* Synchronization and data flow between various departments
* Less human power and time require to achieve the goal
* Planning possible at last stage or for special / urgent orders
* Increase in Customers satisfaction
* Production schedule can be maintained more easily
* Remarkable increase in company production capacity
* Calculations in special scenarios are possible
Payroll Software

Payroll software is multi-company, multi-branch and multi-department payroll management system with all accounting and government reports. It covers the various slabs of ESIC, PF, PT and Labour Welfare with various forms and registers essential to submit to government. There are many other registers and reports included in the system to ease the working of users. Various formulas and security levels are supported in the system. Make your payroll management faster than ever by using this complete payroll solution.

Major modules covered in the software:
* Company Master
* Branch Master
* Department Master
* Employee Master
* Holiday Master
* Slab Master
* Attendance Entry
* Salary Entry
* Bonus Entry
* Advance Entry
* Adjust Entry
* Leave Entry
ERP Solution

ERP Solution provide complete enterprise solution for traders, distributors, manufacturers and various other industries. It covers modules like Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Accounts, Jobwork, Manufacturing, Processing etc. With wide range and variety of reports, it covers all aspects of information needed for any enterprise. With MIS, Grid, Graph, Excel and other reporting tools, higher authority persons gets more clear understanding, control and power over the decision making criterias. Major modules covered in the software:
* Company Master
* Supplier Master
* Customer Master
* Jobwork Master
* Raw Material Master
* Product Master
* Packet Master
* Unit Master
* Product Part Relation
* Packet Product Relation
* Pricelist Master
* Purchase Enquiry & Order
* Purchase Inward
* Purchase Return
* Sales Quotation & Order
* Sales Invoice & Challan
* Sales Return
* Jobwork Issue & Receive
* Manufacturing Production
* Manufacturing Process
* Product Packing
* Stock Adjustment
* Payment Entry
* Receipt Entry
* Credit & Debit Note
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