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Billing Software

Billing Software helps to create bill/invoice for manufacturer, trader, dealer, distributor etc. There are vaious customization options available in the software with which you can tweak the reporting and generate the invoice as per your requirement. Tax structure, tax numbers, terms & conditions, logo & images, signature are all user defined. Basic accounting is also covered in the software. Choose one of the best solution in the market for making your own choice of invoice.
Purchase Management

Purchase management is multi-company software, which helps the purchase department by tracking the purchase enquiry, quotations and orders. It presents comparision between the prices of various suppliers, there by helps in making the decision for buying of items. With in-built tax structure and vaious purchase factors, this is the robust solution for making purchase order.
Order Tracker

Order Tracker tracks the order against shipment/delivery and helps making invoice and payment. Availability of various reports helps to track the balance items from order and generate the invoice accordingly. You can also automatically send the mail of invoice to the customer through the software. With advanced tools and user friendly interface, this is supposed to be the most comprehensive solution for tracking order management.
Cash Flow Management

Cash flow management provides flow of cash among company, branch, Site, Department, Employee, Worker and customer. Wide range of masters and variety of cash flow system makes this software useful for many sectors and industries to tally cash flow. With many advanced features and reports, this software is highly compatible solution for any enterprise or organization.
Interest Management

Interest Management makes tedious calculation of different accounts based on variable interest rates. It also calculates the commission of agents and payment details. With advanced reporting structure, it gives complete interest, payment, commission, balance details etc. With this, you can also calculate future interest for specified date. All the data in the software are stored in encrypted format and the software can be run from removable pen-drive or other storage media. This is perfect solution for money lender, borrower or agents.
Insurance Management

Insurance management is developed for insurance agencies which are dealing in health insurance and vehicle insurance policies. The software helps to prepare the covernote with all the information of insurance policy including processing and payment details. It also incorporate dealers commission and renewal of insurance policy. Truly complete solution for insurance agencies and dealers.
Excise Invoice

This software helps to make complex excise invoice for various sectors. It also keeps the order information of the invoice. With various types of reporting and tools, this software reduces the work load of users and is essential solution for generating the excise invoice and tracking the order.
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